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In 2009 Mr. Anderson founded Advanced Online Technology. In 2016,  Mr. Anderson received his Certification in Strategic Marketing from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

Gene Anderson was also recognized by Google as the top revenue producer for the fastest growing adwords marketing agency in the world, as per Google. 

Over a decade ago, Google's revenue from adwords was over five billion U.S. dollars per year. 

Today Mr. Anderson consults start-ups and C-level leaders in strategic marketing and due diligence for both customer acquisition and capital raising.

Google Marketing World Record Holder

Gene Anderson (on left) Maciej Kraus, PhD (right) Experienced in start-up..

Team Building

Stanford University Students at Google Campus, Mt. View, Ca

Gene Anderson is an accredited investor, entrepreneur and business consultant. Gene has served as CEO, Chairman, President, and Adviser for both public and private companies. He is also the founder of and Advanced Online Technology / Search Engine Optimization (AOTSEO. Inc)

Mr Anderson has ranked #1 on Google for over 10 years as the "Google Adwords World Record Holder" for achieving the top revenue ever produced for the Fastest Growing Internet Marketing Agency in the world, in 2008.

Mr Anderson was born and raised in Palo Alto, California. Today he works and resides in the Portland Oregon region of the United States.  Gene and his wife Cathy enjoy traveling, visiting the Oregon coast, fishing, playing with their grandson, and ministering a message of hope and grace to the homeless, prisoners (a former chaplain at Pelican Bay) or to anyone that is willing to hear, regardless of their social standing. Whether to the ultra-rich or the ultra poor, Gene loves to share his faith. 

Mr. Anderson founded a non-profit organization building orphanages, medical clinics, and schools in Kenya, East Africa. (Victorious Outreach Ministries) VOM has sheltered, fed and educated thousands of children whose parents had died from AID’s. That work continues today under the name African Orphan Outreach. 

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The Millionaires Club

Multi State Licensed GC, Real Estate Broker

Mr Anderson began his education in Internet Marketing Technology in 1995. Since then, Gene has worked with many of today's brilliant scientists in Artificial Intelligence, data driven marketing, social web presence, and more.

Google Adwords Word Record Holder for the Fasting Growing Adwords Agency 2008



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Personal Ministry and Awards

Earlier Years

Former Licensed Private Investigator

Mr. Anderson is a strong supporter of the US Constitution. Gene believes that 'evil only prevails when good men do nothing'.

Gene and his partner, a former LAPD Internal Affairs Detective, opened their own agency to assist attorneys investigating the corruption and misuses of power being waged against the individual's rights as protected by the Constitution.

Today Gene combines his Internet Technology skills with his PI experience to preform exceptional ..

Due Diligence

With all the fraudulent offerings and false representations for Venture Investments today, Mr Anderson utilizes over 35 years of entrepreneurship together with his training as a detective to take due diligence to another level. Mr Anderson says most bad investments can be traced back to a lack of due diligence. In a world filled with fake news, Gene says you can never do too much due diligence.